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Are you ready to start exploring Amazon's New World? Whether you grind or buy your New World coins, have fun!

If you do choose to buy your New World Gold, choose the best vendor out there. MMOPixel is here to help make sure you can enjoy the game and not spend all your time grinding.

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The Final Fantasy XV collaboration event is returning to FFXIV, giving players who missed the event's previous run back in 2019 a second chance to obtain the Regalia mount as well as various hairstyles and outfits from FFXV. Square Enix has confirmed that the event will kick off on September 13 at 1 am P…
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Are you ready to enter a New World? While Amazon's latest game has been available to play in a closed beta, the actual release will be on September 28, 2021.Like any game of this style, you will need in-game currency to buy the items you need. Knowing how to access this currency is essential to your succ…
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SWTOR news for PTSPlayers can now test and give initial feedback on the updated Mercenary, Powertech, Juggernaut, and Marauder Combat Styles on SWTOR Public Test Server (PTS). Note: PTS is provided in English only.In the Sith Warrior and Bounty Hunter’s current state, there is quite a bit to learn and memoriz…
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After a long wait, WOW Phase 2 is coming to the burning crusade classic which means there are some great opportunities to make lots of gold.we can't wait to dive into all the new content on offer - WoW Classic TBC Phase 2 is introducing new 25-man raids, and a new Arena season, amongst other bits of cont…
morinaking posted a new blog:
The Elder Scrolls Online latest update is here. Update 7.1.6 went live for all major platforms. Update 7.1.6 fixes various issues of the base game and post-launch expansions, as well as rebalancing some weaponsBugs related to Blackwood, Clockwork City, Greymoor, and Orsinium have been addressed. Several crash…
morinaking posted a new blog:
Gamigo has announced the schedule for server merges aka 'Evolutions' in both ArcheAge and Archeage Unchained. Both Archeage Gold, which is free, and Archeage Unchained, which is purchased, looks like they are going from 13 servers down to 4, along with a new land rush. Archeage Unchained's serv…
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