The Elder Scrolls Online latest update is here. Update 7.1.6 went live for all major platforms. Update 7.1.6 fixes various issues of the base game and post-launch expansions, as well as rebalancing some weapons

Bugs related to Blackwood, Clockwork City, Greymoor, and Orsinium have been addressed. Several crash issues are fixed and the bug related to fishing has also been squashed. The patch also addressed the issues that are present in the newly added Walking Flame DLC. Below, you can check out the latest ESO patch notes:

Fixes and Improvements

Rockgrove Trial

You will now join the encounter in progress in certain locations of the fight with Flame-Herald Bahsei.


Deepening Shadows: Fixed an issue where you were unable to interact with the Animo Core associated with this quest after completing the steam puzzle.


Expiring Antiquity leads will no longer remove existing Antiquity progress.


Fixed an issue that prevented you from being able to fish in Wrothgar.


The Dread Cellar

Cronin Artellian

Dread Surges will no longer have the chance to hit stationary targets more than once in Normal difficulty. This issue was specific to Normal mode given the slower travel speed of the surges. Veteran and Hard Mode were not affected

Magma Incarnate

With the Challenge Banner placed, Scorion Collectors that join the encounter will now be momentarily stunned when entering the fight.

Red Petal Bastion<

Prior Thierric

Prior Thierric will no longer occasionally turn invisible during the fight.


Destruction Staff

Elemental Susceptibility (morph): Reworked this morph to no longer last until the target leaves combat, and instead increases the duration to 1 minute. While this ability is active, the target is afflicted with Burning, Chilled, or Concussion every 6 seconds.


Bracing Anchor: Fixed an issue where this star's bonus was additive instead of multiplicative.

Arena Weapons

Caustic Arrow: Fixed an issue where this set was not retaining its effects after bar swapping. As a result, this item set is no longer able to be handled by the server entirely, and as such will no longer work in no-proc environments.

PvP Sourced

Elf bane: Fixed an issue where this set was not applying to ground-based effects such as Eruption or Wall of Fire.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing The Elder Scrolls Online recently?

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