After a long wait, WOW Phase 2 is coming to the burning crusade classic which means there are some great opportunities to make lots of gold.

we can't wait to dive into all the new content on offer - WoW Classic TBC Phase 2 is introducing new 25-man raids, and a new Arena season, amongst other bits of content!

The full statement on the new content reads: "or our Burning Crusade Classic players, we're excited to let you know that the first major content update, Overlords of Outland, will be going live soon.

This includes:

New 25-man Raid Tempest Keep

New 25-man Raid Serpenshrine Cavern

New Arena Season 2 (Rank Reset, Rewards, New Gear)

New Reputations (Ogri'la, Sha'tari Skyguard)

New Mount (Nether Ray)

What you'll need regarding WoW Classic TBC gold making for TBC Classic Phase 2 is that we are getting access to two new raids, Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Caverns.

The next content update for Burning Crusade Classic is called Overlords of Outland and will make it possible to take on two of Illidan Stormrage's most powerful lieutenants: Lady Vashj in Serpentshrine Cavern, located in Zangarmarsh, and Kael'thas Sunstrider in The Eye, the central wing of Tempest Keep in Netherstorm.

"Gaining entry to those two new raids requires the completion of certain quest chains with strict requirements. Some of these chains require you to pay a visit to specific dungeons in Heroic mode—each of which has their own requirements to access. Keep in mind that some of these requirements can be bypassed by grouping up with someone who has already completed them, and others can be sidestepped by certain classes or professions.

"Many of these quest chains can be started—and some even fully completed—before you reach level 70 and will reward you with powerful loot that you can put to good use when completing some of the later steps. It's highly recommended you do most of these quest chains with a full dungeon group (one tank, one healer, three damage dealers), as many of them include visits to dungeons and elite group outdoor quests."