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Amouli, Eastern, American Samoa
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My strengths are my attitude that I like to take challenges that I CAN do it, my way of thinking that i take both success and failure in a balanced manner..
I don't like to say weakness but I like to say scope for improvement that is i won't leave any ask in completely,i believe in my self and my hard work and I want perfection in everything.

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According to official data, August Is the Most Popular Month for Fortnite, which has 78.3 million people play this game in August. That is the highest single-month player figure for the game considering that it launched.Epic said, "August was Fortnite's most significant month, however, with 78.three…
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In today's guide, we will show you the Salty Springs chests guide of the week 10 challenges, search chests in Salty Springs is amongst the seven total Fortnite Week 10 Challenges, in this article, you'll see the full list of Fortnite Salty Springs chest locations, so you may track down seven in the…
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The rarest outfits inside the Battle Royale game is the Fortnite Royale Bomber Skin, you may have been drooling for the Royale Bomber skin considering the fact that July. Having said that, it was only obtainable for those who purchased a brand new PlayStation 4 bundle with Fortnite.This was disappointing news…
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Why in Fortnite, the more V-Bucks you have, the better? With V-Bucks, you can purchase items from the in-game Vindertech Store, or purchase cosmetic Fortnite Items and the Premium Battle Pass in Battle Royale. However, how to earn more free V-Bucks in Fortnite? NO.1 Earning through leveling up The majority of…