In today's guide, we will show you the Salty Springs chests guide of the week 10 challenges, search chests in Salty Springs is amongst the seven total Fortnite Week 10 Challenges, in this article, you'll see the full list of Fortnite Salty Springs chest locations, so you may track down seven in the chests scattered about the region, and have this challenge completed as speedily as you possibly can.

Fortnite Salty Springs Chest Places

As for this challenge, you are going to have to discover and search seven chests in total in Salty Springs, to complete the single challenge as part of Week 10, I think it would be helpful to have enough Fortnite Materials. Just below, you can discover a list of every single chest in Salty Springs that we've managed to uncover so far. You'll bag oneself some nice loot from searching these chests, so it's quickly achievable to pay a visit to various chests within a single match while staying alive in Salty Springs.

There's a large residence inside the western portion of your Salty Springs map, which contains 4 feasible chest spawns.

The very first chest spawn is up inside the attic of the large house, which you can break into using a pickaxe.

Enter in the ground floor and take the stairs down, and you'll find an additional possible chest spawn in the bathroom.

Underneath the stairs that you just utilized in the ground floor, there are some boxes blocking a hole. Break via the boxes and the hole, and also you can uncover a different chest in the secret bunker.

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Inside the quite similar space because the last chest, around the opposite side in the room towards the treadmill, you could uncover one more chest next for the ammo box.

There's a ruined residence in the south-central area of Salty Springs, which consists of 3 feasible chest spawn locations.

For those who land around the roof from the home from jumping out with the Battle Pass, it is possible to break your way by means of the roof to seek out a chest.

There's a chance for any second chest spawn within this identical location, around the floor just below the single you break into from the roof.

Enter through the ground floor, and take the staircase down. Turn right, and also you can find one more chest just next to a sizable wooden box on the ground.

Head for the house within the eastern portion of Salty Springs, and also you can when again break by way of the roof to uncover a chest around the incredibly prime floor.

On the southwestern side of this same house, there's a likelihood you are able to obtain a chest in the bedroom region on the 1st floor.

If you land around the huge home within the northern a part of Salty Springs, you are able to uncover a chest around the very best floor just beneath the roof.

Around the floor just below the attic inside the northern home, you could find a chest on the northeastern side on the constructing.

Head towards the gas station just northeast of Salty Springs, and there's an opportunity you could find a chest around the ground floor of the creating.

Take into account that to finish this Fortnite Week 10 Challenge, you don't have to uncover and search all seven chests in a single match. Seasoned Fortnite players will know that you only will need to find and search seven chests in total in Salty Springs, and this can be spread out across as quite a few games as vital, not just a single match.