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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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We at Puppy Playground like to think that we provide one of the best Dog Daycare Services Sydney. We make sure your dog will enjoy a fun day with other fur friends, toys, daily walks and lots of love and cuddles from our friendly and loving staff, giving you the chance to focus on work worry-free.

Behaviour assessments done by a professional dog trainer make sure our Doggie Day Care is suitable for all social and friendly dogs, no matter the age, size, breed or temperament. We do not accept any aggressive behaviours so you can trust our day care to be a safe place for your dog.

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It takes lots of careful handling to properly groom a dog.Ask around.Every time a dog leaves a grooming salon, it is a walking advertisement. If you see a dog on the street with a style you like, stop the owner and ask where the dog was groomed.Call the groomer you are interested in using.Ask questions, espec…