<P>One thing I most miss about going to the office is the opportunity to experiment with my style and getting to see what fun looks my colleagues are wearing. Every day I'd put together a full look from head to toe-outerwear, sunglasses, jewelry, handbags, shoes, the whole shebang. When it came to getting dressed for work, I didn't stick to much of a uniform; however, I liked to rotate my favorite office staples each week-say, a shirt with a major '70s pointed collar, leather Bermuda shorts, patent coats as dresses, and lots and lots of impractical footwear. Where else can you wear a white leather mule? While I've adopted a much more pared-down style this past year comprised of simple button-ups, knits, and slippers, I look forward to having a reason to put all of the outfit puzzle pieces back together-layers, accessories, heeled shoes, rigid and structured fabrics-even if it did cause me to be late every now and again!</P>
&lt;P&gt;You don&#039;t get the same high from it. So &lt;STRONG&gt;<a href="https://www.goldengoosesow.com/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">www.goldengoosesow.com</a>&lt;/STRONG&gt; I&#039;ve just been wearing things that were in my closet that I didn&#039;t even probably worn before. Those vintage purchases where I&#039;d think, Someday I&#039;m going to wear this. As I write in the book, They&#039;re not calculating. They&#039;re not trying too hard. Their innocence is fetishized long into adulthood. All the time. I think being on Zoom, even if you&#039;re not getting fully dressed, you still want some flair. I don&#039;t care about what shirt I&#039;m wearing or what pants I&#039;m wearing - I want to wear jewelry. &lt;/P&gt;
&lt;P&gt;Public School alum Maxwell Osborne founded New York-based brand anOnlyChild last year with the intention of creating one-of-a-kind pieces exclusively from deadstock materials. In order to emphasize form and function, Osborne &lt;STRONG&gt;<a href="https://www.goldengoosesow.com/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Golden Goose Sneakers</a>&lt;/STRONG&gt; designs in harmony with the body. His latest venture is a collection of sturdy and sleek bucket and baseball hats in sumptuous felt wool, part of a collaboration with the millinery brand Gigi Burris. The 1920s flapper aesthetic is not so different from the current party dress revival. In fact, many experts have predicted a return of the Roaring 20s in fashion post-vaccination. A century later, pearls and feathers are also still coveted elements in the night-out wardrobe. &lt;/P&gt;
&lt;P&gt;It&#039;s so new to me. Even before quarantine, I would never really shop, because I felt sort of guilty about spending money. And I would never shop online. Other organizations are less interested in working with individual brands than in demanding that the industry stop its current cycle of overconsumption for good. One of the slogans that has been said is There&#039;s no fashion on a dead planet, says See. I think that&#039;s really part of how you get people out of their everyday life to think about this bigger issue that&#039;s really affecting us now. &lt;/P&gt;