Through her breakout Tumblr fame, Petra Collins has defined a generation of imagemakers and pop culture savants-and inspired myriad creatives and definitely the visuals for Euphoria. Her feminine, sensual, and emotional work translates perfectly into a covetable clothing collection. Working closely with creative partner and stylist Dean DeCriscio, Collins created I'm Sorry for SSENSE around what a character in my imaginary movie would wear. Nor does she pay attention when fans scrutinize her outfits-even when they're increasingly vocal about it. As I have become older, what I wear is less about what others think, she says. It represents the women I am, and I am proud of that.

On the streets, from New York to San Salvador, people donned their best with everything from rainbow-colored wings and tall platform heels to corset tops and sombreros that exemplified how fashion can be a tool to express every facet of ourselves - our sadness and grief, our hopes and dreams, as well as how good some of us are at wearing heels before noon. Clhu, a new apparel brand for folks who don't believe in any set of rules or standards when it comes to dressing, aims to flip the script on how Gen Z can challenge traditional consumer practices with Clhu Redo, a platform where pre-loved Clhu products can be sold to others and traded in for store credit.

To not distract from their love affair, I plopped on a pair of plain straight leg black denim jeans thrifted, a simple black Zara turtleneck, and my prized Gucci bag. Every so often, a Zara dress comes along that just about everyone wants to buy-and a few well-timed social media testimonials are to thank or blame. On the day of the show, it was a 60s robe, paired with a headpiece from the same era and Jeffrey West heels. Y2K and '90s are big fashion trends now - definitely crop tops, low-rise jeans, and a lot of pink.

I still want to dress up because it's still something I look forward to on the weekends. Before the pandemic, I was buying a lot of stuff for the office - I'd buy tailored wide-leg pants and tunics. And right now I've pretty much only bought dresses. Two years earlier, Extinction Rebellion staged one of the most striking protests against the fashion industry in recent history. In September 2019, the organization performed die-ins - a form of protest in which participants simulate being dead - outside of London Fashion Week, which happened a few months after the group asked the British Fashion Council to replace the event with a gathering Golden Goose Shoes Sale of activists and leaders to discuss climate change. A few months after, in February 2020, a youth division of Extinction Rebellion staged an alternative fashion show outside of New York Fashion Week filled with upcycled and secondhand clothes.