Shortly after the launch of New World, it attracted more than 900,000 players online at the same time, which caused the login queue to be too long. In order to solve this problem, Amazon created a new server, allowing players to create characters on it, and promised to provide free server transmission in the later period. As far as the current situation is concerned, due to server transfers and a decrease in the number of active players, many game servers created to alleviate login problems have now become ghost towns with only a few hundred active players.

Although it is still very popular with players, it ranks New World Coins fourth in the ranking of the most frequently played games on Steam, and the highest number of concurrent players exceeds 114,000, but it cannot get rid of the problem that the number of players is much lower than the number of servers.

Once it is determined to start merging servers, Amazon will start looking for host servers and merge other servers among them. In addition, before making a final decision, they also need to compare the faction balance, language, and game style among different servers.

Game progress will not be lost when one server is merged into another server, and gold, items, companies, families, etc. will all be transferred. It is worth noting that the territories owned New World Gold by players will not be transferred. People playing on the host server control these territories, but these people will accept new players from the merger. Therefore, this will cause huge troubles for the game’s PvP-focused faction wars, because gaining as much territory as possible is the player’s main goal in the game, but it is still more expensive than playing on an almost empty server where there is almost no competition. better.

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