The ability to use manual headers is one of the most exciting new features to be introduced in this year's edition of FIFA, despite the fact that a lot of the gameplay has been heavily tweaked. Almost all of the gameplay mechanics are set to the assisted mode by default, which makes for a very enjoyable experience. Normally, this will allow the AI to adjust what you are doing on its own, but it can be turned off if desired. This year marks the first time that players will be able to experiment with manual headers.

What exactly are gameplay aides?
Gameplay assists are intended to make the game easier to play at the expense of the player's ability to direct the ball exactly where they want it to go. You can aim in roughly the direction in which you want to direct your action when you have the assisted settings enabled, and the game will compensate for any incorrect direction pressing. Using manual passing and shooting, for example, you must accurately judge the direction and power of your actions in order to be effective.

After years of playing with the assisted settings enabled, switching to manual mode, which can be done in the settings menu, will feel like you're starting over with a much steeper learning curve. However, with practice, it is possible to achieve better results than when using FUT 22 Coins. Although manual settings are unlikely to be used by many players, the new manual headers can produce some excellent results. Even without practice, it is arguably superior to assisted heading. However, in order to master them, you must keep a few things in mind.

How to become more proficient in the use of manual headers
For starters, defending with manual headers will give you less control over the direction of the ball. Manual heading takes player position into account to a much greater extent than automatic heading, so you can't simply be at the header and expect to nod it to where you want. You must be in the proper position to make a header feel natural and to angle balls closer to your desired destination. Maintain your position on the goal-side of an attacker and, if at all possible, move into the area where the ball is likely to land. This momentum will not only give the header more FIFA 22 Coins, but it will also give him more control.

When attacking, the power of your header can be just as important as the direction of the ball. Targeting a corner will provide more precise results with a smaller margin for error. If you aim at 45 degrees and expect a player to bury it in the corner from any position, you're wrong. Finally, while the position and approach will be similar to defending, the power on your shot meter will also be important. Less power will typically angle the header down, making it more difficult for the keeper to judge, whereas more power necessitates lightning-fast keeper reflexes.

A crowded box or a situation in which you have a free header with players on the line would be ideal for the power approach, which would reduce the likelihood of blocking the opportunity. It is more difficult for the goalkeeper to claw away a low shot if you are only up against the keeper. You can use the training sessions in the game to help you become more familiar with the manual heading system. In no time, you'll be crushing headers like nobody's business.