It's important to concede fewer goals if you want to improve your chances of winning more matches in FIFA 22. It goes without saying that defense is the foundation upon which your results are built: if you don't concede a goal, the worst that can happen is a draw, which is the worst that can happen. In this section of our FIFA coins 21 Guide, we'll go over some defensive strategies that should help you concede fewer goals:

Starting with midfielders as soon as possible is a good way to get things going. If you are using a formation that includes CDMs, you can select them with the L1 button or the right analog stick and use them to challenge attackers, block passing lanes, and follow runners. Because you will not be warping with your center-backs, the AI will be able to maintain a strong defensive line. As a result, even if your CDM is defeated, your central defenders will still be available to mop up any danger that arises.

In the majority of cases, you will not require a standing veneer or a sliding veneer. The best way to defend is to stay on your feet and use the L2 key to push your opponent aside. The ball will be stabbed if you position your body correctly FIFA coins shop; however, by refusing to engage you can also obstruct passing lanes and push attackers away from the goal. Don't get too involved or you'll get beaten: keep your cool, maintain good defensive form, and don't let your opponent catch you off guard. Make an effort not to be overly aggressive, as this will cause you to be caught off guard. Instead, concentrate on making things difficult for your opponent until they make an error.

If you are unable to prevent the attacker from advancing on goal, the best you can hope for is to reduce the likelihood of them scoring. If you know which players your opponent is using, try to force them to use their weaker foot, or at the very least push them away. Limit your opponent's options to low-probability shots, such as attempts from outside the box or from difficult angles, but be cautious of long distances. Fineness shots are extremely effective in FIFA 22 due to the fact that they are quite powerful. Despite the fact that you will almost certainly concede a few goals over time. Over time, lowering the odds against you will, at the very least, put you in the best position to win the game.