The doll’s leg length and figure are matched reasonably

The length of the doll’s legs ranges from 83---90CM. If you have long legs, then you can choose 90. However, once you choose this type of leg, the TPE Sex Doll ’s legs are relatively slender and very graceful. If you choose a well-proportioned one Leg shape, then the doll's leg shape will be fat and thin, and they will be integrated.

Speaking of inflatable Love Doll, I believe that some more avant-garde people are not unfamiliar with it. There are even some men who become beneficiaries of these products in order to be able to solve their special needs in daily life. In recent years, the market for inflatable dolls has developed unprecedentedly, so many manufacturers continue to create inflatable dolls of various types and effects, resulting in uneven market prices for inflatable dolls. What are the main differences in the price of inflatable dolls? Why are there so many price differences in inflatable dolls sold in the market? The following is a popularization by the Dongguan smart entity doll manufacturer.

1. The appearance of the physical doll. The appearance of the physical doll is better than that of the real person to a certain extent. We choose according to our own preferences, such as European wild style, Japanese and Korean sweet series, and traditional classical style.

2. The function of the entity doll. Nowadays, physical dolls have many functions, which can not only meet our physical needs, but some physical dolls can also talk, which can meet our psychological needs.

Gianna - Asian Style 145cm Head TPE WM New Real Dolls

Most consumers who have a demand for inflatable dolls actually pay special attention to the quality of these products when they choose products for inflatable Real Sex Doll. It's just that sometimes the market products are mixed, making people unable to buy genuine inflatable dolls. If you want to buy better inflatable dolls and avoid buying fake and shoddy products, you need to pay attention to the following aspects: Inflatable dolls were invented during the war. During World War II, in order to prevent German soldiers from having fun with women of "non-Aryan descent" and to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the Nazi army, the Nazi head of state Hitler personally appointed the commander of the SS Himmler to secretly develop a female physiological structure. Similar inflatable dolls, in order to relieve the urgent needs of the German army.

Looking at the process of making Japanese silicone dolls, you may wonder whether God created humans through this process, assembling part of human organs. The production process of the Japanese silicone Japanese Sex Doll shown above is not terrifying. If you see some photos of the production process taken by the photographer, will you have a more memorable memory than seeing the childbirth process!

But with the development of the times and the advancement of science, and now people’s thinking is gradually opening up, and their personalities are also relatively open. So many times people can also accept the entity as a physical doll, because many people are in many places. At that time, there was still a certain degree of resistance to this kind of item, so this kind of item is not selling well in China, but there is still a certain amount of sales.

You can check by scanning the QR code. If you have no way to be sure, choose those shops with good reputations, at least they won’t make them. Selling fake and shoddy products will affect your health, because if they do something like this, then in fact, the signboard of acrobatics does not have a foothold in the industry with him. If you want to buy physical WM Doll, we have There are many channels, some of which can be purchased directly in stores. Or you can buy it online, but if you buy it online, we must find a more trustworthy merchant.