They may never return to cinemas, but the reopening in most places in the US means we have a summer full of big blockbusters and interesting little films to look forward to. There are a few worthy films coming to cinemas this summer, but there's still time to get through them all. By the end of the year, my list of the ten best films released this year is almost complete.

The Indiewire 2019 Critics Poll surveyed 304 film critics, making it the largest end-of-year survey in the Web site's history. From Parasite to Beanpole, 50 films ranked higher than me in the survey. Whether you're itching for multiplex content or want to continue watching from the comfort of your couch, there's plenty to see and highlight in these 25 best films of 2021.

Netflix has become one of the best / streaming movies destinations, offering something for every movie fan / fan. Check out our guide to the best movies available in theaters, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, Hulu on Demand, Redbox, and on Netflix. There has been a big shift in film distribution this month, with new films representing some of our best-of-2020 lists.

Given Netflix's vast film library, it can be difficult to decide what to watch. That's why we've compiled a list of the best movies available on Netflix. We've also compiled the best series on Netflix, the best films on Hulu, the best movie on Amazon Prime and the best films from Disney+.

YouTube has a wide selection of new movies that you must be willing to pay to stream. The treasure trove includes a wide range of classics that are free to download as soon as they reach the public, a selection of hidden treasures and an official selection of free movies. But if you dig deep enough to find them, there are also many titles that are available on DVD and knockoffs directly. The Real Deal 100 of the best free movies, from viral stars to adorable animal montages.

Here is a simple list of films from the last century that we think every Hollywood fan should watch. In no particular order, there are a lot to look at, and a few that you should not see. Sometimes we need a refresher on the lost artifacts of the film world, the works we have seen, and in some cases not.

There are a few that get you out of your comfort zone and a few that introduce you to cultures and environments you don’t know about. In the past months, there have been four more movies, two live-action series, comics, toys, novels and more since the release of the silly action film Immortal Warrior.

Rachel Brosnahan is wonderful as Mrs. Maisel, who plays her best movie role yet as Jean, a woman forced to flee with her young child after the disappearance of her criminal husband. Julia Hart co-wrote and directed this other thriller / thriller, which tells the story of a character, the wife of a criminal. It's a beautifully calibrated work that reshapes an exaggerated genre in a way that makes it feel fresh.

This list of best car chase films does not include the cult David Mamet film starring Robert De Niro, Jean Reno, Sean Bean and Jonathan Pryce, but that is nothing wrong with it. Sure, the plot is unforgettable - junk is in the briefcase of a Special Operations Command - but it's the chases that remember.

Apocalypse Now is an epic adventure film set in Vietnam War and one of the greatest classics of film history. It is directed by Francis Ford Coppola and is set in 1971. Directed by William Wyler, the 1959 historical drama is a classic of slavery, war and revenge. It follows the story of troubled Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) and his psychopathic escapades.

With performances by Eddie Redmayne, Baron Cohen, Alex Sharp, John Caroll and Lynch, Sorkin's great historical drama takes liberties that lead to a riveting examination of American history. An early favorite among this year's animated films and one of the best films of the year, Mitchell.

After its theatrical release, it received the Special Achievement Award in Visual Effects at the Academy Awards. Mother India (1957) was voted by Indian magazine Outlook with 15% of the best Bollywood films of all time in a poll of 25 directors in 2003 in a poll of 25 directors. In 2002, Sholay (1975) topped the British Film Institute's critics "poll of the ten best Indian films of all time.

The best Iranian film of all time (2009 to 1974) was voted with 33 votes the best Iranian film of all time by Iranian film magazine Film 11 in 2009 with 92 critics, followed by a poll of 140 critics in 2019. The Little Stranger (1986) voted as the best Iranian film of all time by the Persian Film magazine Picture World in a November 1999 poll of 150 Iranian critics and experts.

Sings (1980) was voted the best Serbian film of all time by Serbian critics. Close-Up (1990) peaked at number 42 on the Sight & Sound Polls list of the greatest films of all time. In 2000, Slovak critics voted Pictures from the Old World (1972) the best Slovak film of all time.

Mitchell Machine is without doubt the best non-Pixar animated film of recent years produced by the dream team of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, one of Hollywood's most creative writers and directors today. With a short window of cinemas that have just opened in India, it reminds moviegoers of the highest attendance on the big screen.

It's the classic popcorn-munching blockbuster that many people crave. A heart-warming story of two friends and their secret identity that many assume is a metaphor for homosexual relationships is set in a picturesque town on the Italian Riviera. Pixar's latest work is meaningful and fun to watch in true Pixar style.

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