Learn meditation in a meditation retreat: this is by far the best way on how to learn to meditate, in a meditation retreat you will receive good guidance from a teacher, the atmosphere is very conducive to learn meditation and you have everything in place just to practice.

Most of the time even the food is arranged for mediators to focus just on the practice. The disadvantage is that you need a fixed period of time, normally a week or more, to focus just on the meditation you are practicing.

Learn meditation from a teacher: a well-trained teacher can give you good guidance on how to meditate. They also have enough knowledge on how to deal with several obstacles you can have during your practice time. A teacher can encourage and inspire you to continue practicing.
The disadvantages are that they can charge you a lot for their teaching or that some of them may not have enough knowledge or training and give you bad advice.

Learn meditation from a video: a video gives a good understanding of a technique and how to practice it, by following the video you can start practicing easily.

Learn meditation from a CD: a guided meditation helps you to start meditating, you can decide between many kind of meditations and follow it on your own.

Learn meditation from a book: a book is a good way to learn an overview of meditation, sometimes books have enough information to even go deeper in your practice.

Another hazard is that you can be practicing in the wrong way and you don't have anyone to ask. Also by following these methods, you can mix techniques together and this can be harmful to your practice.

Learn meditation on your own: I don't recommend this way as it can be very confusing and is common to mix techniques together. So is better to read at least one book and follow only one technique. It is easier to learn one technique well than many mixed together.

Additional tip: the best way to learn a meditation technique is by practicing, so once you learn how to do it, you will become better at it by continuous practice.

Choose one of these ways on how to learn to meditate and see which one adapts better for you, make sure you also visit (krishnavillage-retreat.com/) for additional tips and advice on improving your meditation practice or starting it.

Tips You Can Use

Learning how to meditate is a process you learn by doing; follow these tips and advice to know the best ways to learn meditation and to improve it daily. Normally a meditation practice is an easy step by step process that you can learn easily, but the real thing starts when you have to practice, as your meditation improves only by practicing.

You can read all about meditation and how to practice it, but the real knowledge comes by the actual practice, sitting and doing it. Is like swimming, you only learn it by going to the water and doing it.

It is important to choose a good teacher, a person dedicated to meditating and knowing how people react to the different aspects of meditation, someone you can ask questions or at least you know it will be giving you a good meditation technique.

Learning how to meditate can take some time, that's the importance of daily practice when you meditate daily, results start showing and your meditation becomes better and better, not on the kind of the states you accomplish, but on the way you do it, like higher spans of concentration, a better understanding of what you are doing and improved awareness.

A meditation retreat can be of great help to learning how to meditate, they are put together in such a way that you get the best benefits from your practice, normally everything is organized so you can meditate without distractions and with the guidance of a good teacher.

As with any skill, you will get better results when you take it seriously, consistent practice will bring much better results than meditating every now and then.

So if you want to get the best benefits, establish a practice, make a commitment at least at the beginning. After seeing results by yourself you will surely never stop doing this practical habit.

Learning how to meditate is easy with practice, do your best while you are beginning and you will start seeing results, motivating you to go deeper and deeper in your meditation practice.

If you want to learn about available wellness retreats near your place, you can search for Vipassana meditation, is the meditation technique I practice and I highly recommend it.