Other marriage guests aswell wore affectionate gear. The groom, Jeff Johnson, is a Marine adept who donned his dress compatible while captivation a gun in some photos. In fact, several guests at the marriage airish with guns, including the helpmate herself. However, none of the accoutrements were in actuality shot, Johnson said. "Being a affectionate wedding, we actually did animate humans to do whatever they acquainted adequate with, if they capital to open-carry, if they capital to conceal-carry," Johnson said.

Despite the "MAGA Patriot" theme, the marriage was inclusive, Johnson said. Her maid of account was even a Democrat FeelTimes. "She said, 'You apperceive I adulation you, but I don't feel adequate cutting a MAGA hat,'" Johnson explained. "I said, 'That's fine, we can acquisition you a apparent red one to wear.' We were able to accommodation on that. We can accept abnormally but still actual abundant adulation ceremony other."