Ahead of the Top Stakes event, Epic has added a analogously themed Ace Backpack to the Fortnite Items<font size="3"> </font>store. Like the Starter Backpack afore it, this array can alone be purchased already per annual and includes two corrective items: the new Ace Accouterments and the Swag Bag Aback Bling, which looks like a duffle bag blimp with cash. The backpack aswell comes with 600 V-Bucks, giving it absolutely acceptable amount even if you don't affliction for the included cosmetics. You can acquirement it for $5.Fortnite's 5.30 agreeable amend afresh arrived, and it conflicting accession annual to Activity Royale: the Shockwave Grenade, a new blazon of weapon that launches players a abundant ambit if activated. Epic aswell afresh formed out a new set of annual challenges, which accept players analytic amid colossal seats and application rifts. You can acquisition guides for all of this season's challenges in our complete Division 5 claiming guide.

Never a arid day in the apple of Fortnite: Activity Royale. Developer Epic Amateur just fabricated a analytical and somewhat blurred advertisement this morning: we're accepting a bound time even alleged "High Stakes" next week, and we're traveling to apprentice added about it soon www.lolga.com. We haven't apparent a accomplished lot added than that, admitting Epic did appearance off this slick-looking clothing in a teaser:Here's what we apperceive so far: we're accepting a limited-time approach alleged "getaway," appropriate challenges to go forth with the event, and the aloft outfit. Epic will be absolute added during its PAX West stream, which starts at 6:00 p.m. Pacific tonight, August 31. The developer refers to gameplay in a tweet, so it sounds like humans will be amphitheatre breach and we'll get a adventitious to see what it's like afore it goes live.