The design of ethanol fireplaces is compatible with all forms of decoration. They can be wall-mounted, free-standing or built-in. For decades, they have been considered the most widely used heating range among all decorative fireplaces for decorating homes.
Do you want to decorate the house with a fireplace and you don't know which one to choose? In this article, we offer you characteristics that you must take into account when choosing your ethanol fireplace.

What should you know before choosing an ethanol fireplace?
Before choosing an ethanol fireplace, it is essential to know certain points that characterize them. Indeed, the ethanol fireplace is a system that brings comfort and warmth to any apartment in which it is installed. Combustion is possible thanks to alcohol from beets or the starch of certain cereals.
This combustion is complete, which explains the absence of residue after use. In terms of fuel, they can consume up to 0.4 l per hour and operate in a maximum cycle of 3 hours.

Also, you should know that it is not convenient to proudly install a fireplace in a room not measuring 10 m2 due to the need for regular ventilation during use fireplace mantel brackets. They are easy to install and come in many forms, it's up to you to choose the one that suits you according to the space available. Ethanol gives off heat and the amount of CO2 given off is minimal.
There will therefore be no point in connecting the chimney to a flue serving to evacuate the smoke. Also, you should not install it in a room that has humidity issues.

The characteristics of choice of an ethanol fireplace


Before choosing your ethanol fireplace, you must first define the use you want to make of it and consider the issues involved. Indeed, you must ask yourself questions that will help you know the type of fireplace you want (additional heating or a decorative object), the place where it must be installed, etc.
These criteria are essential and often necessarily be taken into account. So they doubt your abilities to make the choice, seek the advice of an expert by making him your expectations.

Manufacturing materials
Another characteristic to take into account is the set of materials used to make the fireplace. Indeed, for the external part, you must ensure the quality of the materials that make up your fireplace. The burner must be made of a quality material, for example stainless steel.
The quality of the materials determines the lifespan of the chimney even if the maintenance makes it largely go away.

The shape of the fireplace

You have several forms offered on the market. You will find round, square, rectangular, triangular fireplaces, and others that will please you. It's up to you to choose it according to the space you have and the aesthetic you want. You surely have the eyes for a given shape whose design seems aesthetic to you.

The type of fireplace

Do you want to opt for a wall-mounted, built-in or free-standing fireplace? The choice is yours. Only this choice depends largely on the location you want to devote to its installation and also the characteristics of the room in which it wants to be installed.

The cost of the ethanol fireplace

When choosing your fireplace, you must take stock of a budget that you want to devote to it, from the purchase to the supply of ethanol. It is a capital criterion before making the choice of an ethanol fireplace.
Also, don't ignore the distinctive look of the fireplaces. There are some brands that offer good products at very affordable costs that are of exceptional quality by JH-Mech Enterprises.

The aesthetics of the fireplace

It is also an aspect which can push you to choose an ethanol fireplace. There are several designs on the market which are very well appreciated. You must therefore choose the fireplace whose aesthetics you like without forgetting the other relevant criteria to make a good choice.


Choosing an ethanol fireplace requires checking certain capital points which determine the quality of the latter. It is therefore important to understand and know them before use.