Nintendo is unlikely to simply include ACNH Brewster in the game without also including some sort of functionality. Players can relax with a cup of coffee in his store, which can help them develop a relationship with him in the same way that Sable does at the Able Sisters store. Furthermore, he has the ability to offer players a part-time job in New Leaf, which would be ideal in New Horizons. Another major issue that players have with their villagers is that they quickly run out of things to say and become monotonous as a result. Providing players with the ability to serve coffee would give villagers new lines, and this could be a great opportunity to rectify the situation. It's safe to say that millions upon millions of players were hoping to hear some sort of Animal Crossing: New Horizons news during last night's Nintendo Direct.

Even though Nintendo didn't show much, there was more than enough to whet fans' appetites as they teased The Roost and other big announcements that will take place in October. The announcements will be part of an upcoming Animal Crossing Direct, which will include significant changes in November. Despite the 40-second teaser, players in Animal Crossing: New Horizons still had questions, such as "who is Brewster" and "what is The Roost."Let us take a look at it. IN ANIMAL CROSSING, WHAT IS THE RUSH: NEW HORIZONSThe Roost is a coffee shop in the Animal Crossing universe. It first appeared in the Nintendo DS game Wild World. It served as a gathering place where players could relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, while also providing an opportunity to interact with some of the game's special characters. In Wild World, players could attend K. K Slider's concerts in The Roost on Saturday evenings, and in New Leaf, players could work in the Café to earn a few extra bells.


Brewster is a pigeon character who works at and owns the Roost in the series. He's a character who, at least at first glance, appears to be quite direct. However, after several visits to The Roost, he begins to develop a fondness for the character. After seven days of visits to the café and purchases of coffee, he even offers the player pigeon milk, which we can't help but think is a little strange! Brewed with Blathers in the Museum in the past, Brewster is now the proprietor of his own coffee shop in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. According to the images shown in the teaser, The Roost will be placed back where it was in Wild World and City Folk. Despite the fact that updates have been slow lately, an online exhibition has recently been launched that explores the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of Animal Crossing: New Horizons players during the pandemic.

Although New Horizons is a great game for beginners, we can't say the same for veterans. Nintendo is reintroducing many events from last year, which has enraged some players who are frustrated by the lack of in-game content. Following are some predictions for upcoming fall content that may have an impact on the current state of ACNH. Turkey Day is celebrated in November, and it falls on the same day as Thanksgiving in the United States. It entails gathering a variety of materials in order to create dishes for your villagers to eat. Turkey Day is one of the most iconic fall events that players look forward to, and it allows them to strengthen their bonds with their villagers.

It's interesting to note that Nintendo has made a slew of changes to holiday events, including Bunny Day, Wedding Season, and now Halloween. As a result, we can anticipate that the Turkey Day celebration will follow the same path. It is possible that the Turkey Day event will differ from last year, according to some data mining reports. Even a slew of images associated with the Harvest-furnished items have been removed by developers. However, it's expected that they wanted to remove the Cozy Turkey Day DIY pack, which could be obtained from Nook's Cranny. It allows players to pick up a variety of DIY recipes on the spot with little effort. As a result, we may not see the Cozy Turkey Day DIY pack at the Turkey Day event this year.