The progression of gear In Runescape isn't as linear as other games in the same genre. The gear you choose to use will depend on whether you are playing with a restricted build (such as a pure) or lacking in wealth, or attacking certain enemies. This guide will assist you to navigate the OSRS Gear progression. You may also be interested in our RS3 gear progression guide.Check out our OSRS Items page for great deals on equipment. You can also get some OSRS Gold to buy equipment on the Grand Exchange.What should I be aware of about OSRS Gear?As you progress in experience, more gear becomes available based on how you are in combat, as well as the quests that you are unable to unlock. One of the unique features of RuneScape is the ability to get maximum combat stats with low-level gear without sacrificing your experience rates. If you don't have the cash to buy upgrades for instance, from raids and treasure trail drops, you can combine and mix pieces of equipment regardless of level.Melee Gear ProgressionMelee is composed of 3 skills which include: Strength, Attack and defense. These skills can be trained in any order but the emphasis should be placed on Strength for end-game efficiency. It is more difficult to learn the three melee skills compared to range or magic, however it is perfect for content that is intended to be played at the end of the game.Progression of the Range GearRange is a skill that is more linearly advancing since accuracy and maximum hit rates increase in just one area. The majority of high-level equipment requires an initial defense level of at least which can be taught with long-range or with melee--which is more efficient. Otherwise, a pure can be the only defense available and can access most equipment with a few limitations.Magic Gear ProgressionMagic is unique in the sense that most gears affect the only accuracy rather than maximum damage. Players may combine defensive gear with PvM and PvP setups, but players should not neglect the magic bonus unless the enemy they are targeting is extremely invulnerable.Void Knight EquipmentVoid knight equipment is considered to be gear that is used in the final stages of games, however it's a circumstantial item. It's used to switch between range, magic, and melee, depending on the hood you are wearing. It can serve as an affordable alternative to costly equipment, particularly for ironmen who aren't able to get rare drops by using gear at a lower level.The requirements for Void Knight gear is 42 attack strength, strength, defense range magic, range, and prayer. There is a hood for each style of combat that includes melee (10% to damage), rage (10 percent to damage) and magic (45% to accuracy). Upgrading to Elite void gives prayer bonus and an additional 2.5% increase to damage from range and magic.Wrap-upIf you are going to fight for the highest level, or are looking to unlock high-level content then this OSRS Gear guide will serve you well in advancing your level. It should be noted that slayers who train may require special gear, such as the Slayer Helmet (I) when working towards a higher level. If not, these gear sets are more than adequate to be used for PvM or training.