Wargaming, the famous maker of MMO World of Tanks, has published an updated graphics engine demo that facilitates real-time ray tracing in each DirectX 11 compatible GPU. New graphics engine called Encore RT (RT = Ray Tracing).

This software implementation based ray tracing improve the shadows of tanks working the game, such as adding them to whatever would adversely impact performance. It works by tracing a straight line between points on the object and the light source, which in this case is the sun, and displays the shadow if it detects interruptions.

The ray tracing in WOT uses Intel's open-source Embree library (part of the Intel One API), a collection of ray tracing kernel optimized performance which allows a variety of effects. Limiting this is only a shadow means FPS demo level is not going to take a hammering, but Wargaming has plans to improve things eventually. Buy Cheap WOT Gold via reputable seller z2u.com, cheap, safe, no ban and no hack happened!

"Creating a shadow is very soft and natural is just the beginning of Ray Tracing Era in game graphics. Thanks to this technology, we can create realistic reflections, ambient occlusion and global illumination in real time. But this is something for the more distant future, "wrote the company.

Not only WOT Encore RT features the new Ray-Traced Shadow tech, it is also based on the Update 1.6 for World of Tanks; in comparison, based on the 2017 version of Update 1.0. One of the major changes since Update 1.0 is the introduction of concurrent rendering (introduced with Update 1.4), developed in collaboration with Intel and provide a strong foundation for the implementation of the Ray-traced shadows tech.