Right now having reached 60's max degree, I am enjoying playing around. I spend the majority of my time doing dailies to save up different monies for mounts. As well as completing daily missions in hopes to get voucher bits to produce templates to sell in my design store. At the moment this is the endgame until the next content update. If you really want to see it in its most challenging get to level 50 and run some of those challenging adventures for the first time. I recommend Temple of Immortals, the Balrog fight. Sometime it can be tough for me to the point of yelling obscenities, I truly like the experience.

I am hoping since Nova's popped up in the cheap Maplestory M Mesos that somewhere down the road we'll find a Kaiser course within this. It's my favorite in MapleStory. I am looking forward to be had in Maple Story 2. Also recent upgrade that was posted October 16ththey are working on new weapon templates. I'm so excited for this because I'll be able to earn something for my Heavy Gunner that is far better than the usual box.

Yes, it really is. There's an great event happening, Mapleoply, where you play a version of monopoly which has various rewards on the plank. One being"Roto Air Taxi" walkies that permit you to take a free helicopter trip to any map. No better time than now in the launch of an MMO to only level and have fun then whenever there are a bunch of people around to perform dungeons with. You enjoy if you can get a class.

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