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On Thursday, the Seattle Seahawks beat Madden Mobile Coins (click … bile-coins) the Arizona Cardinals 22:16 on Thursday, but the team's starting cornerback Richard Sherman retired the Achilles tendon.
The game, Sherman left the court in the third quarter was identified as injured. According to on-site staff from Sherman dialogue with his teammates that Sherman himself judged to be Achilles tendon tear.
Later in the day, Seahaw coach Pete Carroll confirmed the news and confirmed Sherman will miss the season.
Sherman's injury apparently has a huge impact on the Seahawks, with Seahawks' second-tier defenses being at the core of defense, but now Sherman reports that Earl Thomas was injured consecutively.
It is reported that before the injury, Sherman has repeatedly said he suffered throughout the season sore Achilles tendon, so he was not surprised after his game for his injuries.
After the game Sherman wrote on his social platform: "Why I hate Thursday night race." For the long article.