fifacoinslol | The Existing Rocket Coalition And Chariot Community Members |

Development is at the end of the extension, but given our spring has been inadequate, our target release date is turning to the summer of 2015. Our first priority is to bring you, our fans, an interesting high quality game, and we want to do anything to do this.

Earlier this week, we began to launch a beta version to select our existing rocket coalition and chariot community members, but from today we want to expand.All you need to do is reach Rocket League Game and fill out the form shown on the page. To qualify, you only need a valid email address and a PSN ID.

When we brought the Rocket League to the PlayStation experience earlier this month, Is what happened to us.This is a wonderful performance, and we are very honored to be part of it, but to be honest, we do not know what will be expected. After all, we have been developing a Rocket League with a long time supersonic acrobatic rocket fighting fighter; so it is a bit mysterious for the "new" player to get it on hand until we put the game in the hands.