aliceonlinegame | Texas JJ Watt returned to feeling good after surgery |

The Texas Texas defender JJ Watt is one of the league's best defensive players, so when the team is not on the team, the team defense team is another way. Fortunately, he has returned to the team after his back surgery.
US time on Wednesday, Watt told reporters that the feeling of return to the training camp is very good, "I feel great, I am glad that this way of answering, obviously spent a bright time for a good recovery, hope everything back to normal, the current The body feels great. "
Watt replied to his own feeling: "Now, we have to do is to enjoy all this, because of injury I have more time to think about some of the problems and training let me gradually forgotten everything, American football The feeling is so natural that I feel like I'm back home.
Last season due to injury w only participated in the team's three games, completed 8 times grappling and 1.5 sack, which is obviously not his own. If this year's watt can stay healthy, the Texas defensive end would be terrible if the team's quarterback would be able to behave well that Texas had the chance to go further in the playoffs.