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Twice won the Finnish Hockey Alliance top championship trophy, the 22-year-old Rene in 2004 was predators called in the eighth round. At that time he was accepted as the American country music arena of the city, this section of concert like attractive Arena ignorant, and even the North American ice hockey league, but aswell little understanding, Peka - Rui central ancillary Find the advice about Nashville from the Internet and set bottom on the adventure to North America.
Two months ago, the Brisbane Stadium, the Marauders aggregation calm with the admirers calm for Renee captivated a admirable anniversary ceremony, that he was in the NHL's aboriginal 500 games, from a bound angle in the bold amateur Become a leader, Renee surrendered 267 victories, 42 times the aught closure, 13,963 times to save, 91.7% of the success amount of the achievement of the answer, in addition, he aswell nominated three times Vicenza Award.
"In the predators, no one can alter the role of Peka - Renee, he is consistently on the clue to accumulate the state, the advance of the people. Rene has accomplished all the ups and downs of the team, apperceive the aggregation all the joy "The predators of the predators, David Boyle, are not stingy with account for Renee's love." Compared to the playoffs of the aboriginal two seasons, he helped the aggregation to move added and added Farther. "