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I apologize for my remarks

In an interview with the official website of the Madrid Athletic Club, Gleeszman said: "If some of my previous remarks to the fans had a misunderstanding, then I apologize for their own words, perhaps I misrepresented myself , Perhaps some of the media headlines headlines the misleading fans, but in any case, these are for me, I should apologize.As we all know, since joining the Madrid after the athletic, I have all their dedication to the My team, my teammates and members of the coaching staff are able to play in Madrid for a season and be able to fight with my coaches and teammates.
Objectively speaking, the inability to introduce players in the summer of the market this brutal reality, will certainly significantly reduce the competitiveness of Atletico Madrid in the new season, so Gleeszman has every reason to leave this summer in the Spanish capital, because "in Bed corps play can not achieve my ideal ", which is a place to say where the excuse and reason. But Gleeszman did not do that, and the final decision of the French striker was enough to prove that he was a very "professional" professional player.
Gleeszmann is in the French media interview with the release of the "60% chance to join Manchester United" this statement, so he argued that the Spanish media, the fans "misunderstood" what he said, in fact, this is a very pale and weak Explanation. But the so-called "facts speak louder than words", Gleeszman eventually renewed a new contract with the Madrid race, his move is better than a thousand words of excuse. To be sure, Gretzman's official apology on the club's official website, as well as "will continue to support the fans through their actual performance in the game," will be able to make him re-become a competitor The hero of the heart, especially when he starts to score again, even more so.