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FIFA cooperation with Chinese enterprises in actuality precedent, as aboriginal as in the Blatter period, FIFA has already amorphous to bandy an olive annex to Chinese enterprises: FIFA Apple Congress in 2015 arrive Wang Jianlin to attend, if the act was apparent as Is an important symbol, there are a lot of media assay If the Chinese enterprises absolutely chip FIFA, afresh it will abundantly admission China's articulation in the association. As Samla said, FIFA's alternation of reforms is a absorption of the globalization activity of football, but aswell to the automated ameliorate in the Chinese football to accompany seamless opportunities for convergence, "I think, with us The enactment of the affiliation and the development of football in Asia, the approaching of Chinese football acquire to be bright. "She said.
After the FIFA Disciplinary Committee absitively to abuse the Atletico Madrid for declining to assurance a accessory player, the club filed a complaint with the All-embracing Court of Arbitration and submitted the accordant materials. The All-embracing Court of Arbitration has absitively to abate the bulk of fines afterwards reviewing some of the material, but the Madrid Able-bodied Club is still banned from registering new players by January 1, 2018.