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NHL Finals fares finished NBA doubled

NBA Finals will attract the attention of the world every year, but in North America their influence is less than the finals almost simultaneously NHL. According to the Forbes website reported that the 14-year finals of the two teams of the King and Rangers team averaged as high as $ 1,700 US dollars fares, of which the Rangers are averaging soared to $ 2,300. While the NBA Finals team for the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs, the finals of the average fare is only 836.77 US dollars, only half of the NHL finals.
Hockey This sport is less goals than basketball, and the goal is small, the goalkeeper stopped one of the half of the goal, a goalkeeper will determine the outcome of the game. So the same use of seven war four wins knockout, hockey is much more chance, but also for many years has a team to dominate the whole league thing happened. NBA star LeBron James 2013 had said NHL finals more exciting than the NBA.
It is worth mentioning that in many cities in the United States and Canada, NHL venues are shared with the NBA, but the fare is completely different. But because of the differences between the states and cities of the United States, it is difficult to specify which of the two projects will be more popular, but overall NHL prices will be higher than the NBA some, but the highest or the NFL. According to Nelson, the fans' annual income of more than 75,000 US dollars accounted for the proportion of the total number of MLB is 36%, NBA is 33%, NFL is 32%, NHL up to 53%.