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Speaking of mobile phones, we certainly would expect Samsung and Apple . Now, however, the mobile phone giant Samsung had a very distressed. According to media reports , because the Chinese market dominance by the challenge of rival Apple , Samsung 's profit growth in 2013 could hit a record low since 2007 . Apple's iPhone 5s and 5c has been listed for some time, as in the past , after Apple's nexmore

The last in 2013 , the smart phone industry, the production and marketing of a " bumper year 4.7 pulgadas Nota III Only millet for example, the company was founded , but for three years , but 2013 sales of millet phone 18700000 units, an increase of 160% , tax sales 31.6 billion yuan , an increase of 150% ; last December month sales desk phone 3225000 , tax sales of 5.3 billion yuan . Thimore

Recently, the American IT magazine Laptop Magazine authoritative official website the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 named "2013 Year of the strongest comprehensive strength smartphones." In addition, Samsung officially announced the GALAXY Note 3 global sales have exceeded 10 million units. Samsung's new generation of intelligent flagship GALAXY Note 3 soon as available by ROCOMO i9500 more

Dec. 31 news, the author guidelines busy managers how to lead people to be a technology OOGEE Collo DG100 company , as well as posting instructions on how to switch from Apple iPhone , while Android smartphones , Google Chairman Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) also taking the time gave an interview to Bloomberg TV , the prospects for 2014 made ​​a prediction . From past history, Schmidt will often bolmore

The New York Times ' online edition published an article today , as the world 's largest PC maker , Lenovo is developing mobile devices business. And in addition to China and other developing countries , the association has been eyeing the U.S. and Europe the smartphone market. To become the first mobile service In the United States , Lenovo 's fame is still mainly from 2005 acquisition of IBM'smore

Smartphone innovation is experiencing a bottleneck , which is a hot topic in the industry recently ZOPO ZP980 Later this year Apple and Samsung have cut orders for its smart phones , which is a response to the needs of high-end smart phones made ​​global slowdown , but not unrelated to product innovation fatigue . Lack of innovation in China's mobile phone industry is also the main cause of low prmore