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The story of how Madden NFL has become a revolutionary video game and has taken on the game grid. The Madden NFL series has brought more than $ 3 billion in revenue to EA over the past three decades. At that time, the game dragged both the video game industry and also the man who originally lent his name. "Madden" to most people these days is not a legendary head coach and color commentamore

Ian Rapoport told reporters on Monday that the Auckland Raiders defender, Jihad Ward, had undergone foot surgery. Laportport also reported that Ward expects to be able to attend a training camp in mid-August and he has developed a conservative recovery schedule. Raiders will not rush to let the second grade player return. Ward was injured in the June 6 trmore

In View Of The FIFA Series

EA on the 16th morning announced the "FIFA MOBILE", and declared that the next FIFA hand tour masterpiece will have a new, comparable to the quality of host-level games, will play in the best use of the latest mobile devices, high performance, This will be the real mobile platform for a new generation of FIFA hand tour! What is the face of the game, I believe that many small partners havmore

Rocket League "released on July 7, 2015, and according to" Rocket League "developer PSyonix game studio revealed that the game will be released on July 5 the next update, this update was Psyonix named for the annual update. In this annual update, players will get a new free Arena "CHAMPIONS FIELD", including the development team Logo, three-tier stands and stadium lightingmore

Development is at the end of the extension, but given our spring has been inadequate, our target release date is turning to the summer of 2015. Our first priority is to bring you, our fans, an interesting high quality game, and we want to do anything to do this. Earlier this week, we began to launch a beta version to select our existing rocket coalition and chamore

The addition of the rocket to the vertical adds to us a bold thing we do not want to get rid of. It creates a bold feeling absolutely unique, our capital hugs.We actually have another artisan, just like an activity that you can shoot, you can shoot, hit a bunch, beat the map. It creates the moment of "wow", the player will say, "Oh my god, I can not accept you just do it!"Like more