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Cavani scored two goals

In the 2017/18 season, the first round of the 32nd round of the Ligue 1 competition began. Paris Saint Germain challenged Saint-Etienne. Kabella scored the first record, Kim Pomby was punished after eating two yellow cards, Debusch made up the time Oolong helped Paris to equalize, Paris 1-1 draw opponents. Last season, Saint-Etienne defeated Paris 0-5 at home. In the first more

On Wednesday morning, US local time, the Baltimore Ravens officially announced that the team had signed a one-year contract with former Redskins and Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III. Griffin's addition will also give the Ravens quarterback Joe Flacko an experienced backup player. Last week, Griffin and several free agents in the free agent market participated more

Karrius's land reclamation

What players are used in each position of FIFA18? This article brings you FIFA18 player's recommendation in every position and in the entire lineup. You can refer to it if you need it. Hope to help you. Goalkeeper In De Gea and Butterland, I personally feel that the only goalkeeper in the Premier League who needs such as the two goalkeepers, no money for Buttland, rich demore

The new DLC distortion in Ark: Evolution has been released for some time, and the experienced gamers are always obsessed with the death of the new dinosaur. How is death tamed? The next step is to bring death to the taming method, and the interested players will have a look. The wild death (according to official translation, the official death helmet skin given) can not be tamed, in order to obtamore

According to the British media "The Sun" report, Manchester United will soon be renewed with Degea. The two sides will sign a five-year contract, and De Gea’s weekly salary will rise to 350,000 pounds. It is expected that Manchester United and Degea will officially complete the contract before the World Cup. "The Sun" said that after the renewal, De Gea will become the second more

The "Europe Cup 2012" is a DLC based on "FIFA 12" specially developed by EA for the UEFA European Cup held in Poland and Ukraine in 2012. This is the first time that EA has sold the game version of a major international football game in DLC, not as a stand-alone game. The "Europe Cup 2012" was first released on April 24, 2012. EA claims that almore