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According to "Photo newspaper" reports, Bayern Munich goalkeeper Noel's comeback and have the latest progress. Neuer reportedly has been ( able to train his left foot foot in recent days and can train in the training room and treadmill without wearing special shoes, and his recovery has been marked. Earlier, "Kicker" had reported that Neuer may return to court imore

Lakers player Lazo - Ball had previously ( interviewed, talked about his recent recovery of the injury. Powell said he had a sore knee that he could not even walk after he got up yesterday. Today's feeling has improved, but there is still a lot to be prepared to return from the Thunder in Beijing this Thursday. This season, Powers averaged 33.9 minutes and got 10.2 points, 7.1 rebomore

Su Chao Celtic official website information, Lewis - Morgan (Lewis Morgan) transfer from the St. Mirren Club joined the team, he and the ( ) club signed a 4 and a half years of contract. The rest of the season, the Secretary-Winged Morgan will be the first to play for the Paisley club.

Chelsea against Arsenal in the game, the Blues goalkeeper ( ) Alonso scored a goal, once to help the team go-ahead score. This is his sixth goal scored this season, the top five defender in Europe. Alonso has now tied the best goal record of personal top league - that is, last season. In Chelsea, only Morata scored (10 goals) more than him this season. Alonso has played in 16 Premiemore

Paris Saint-Germain Center Cavani, this season has played 26 times in the French competition, scoring 25 goals, the efficiency of amazing. In addition to ( benefiting from the grand luxury lineup in Paris, he must also excel in himself. Surprisingly, he revealed the secrets of the goal, that is, through the fishing exercise on weekdays, he can get more goals in the football field. Imore

In today's race, the Cavaliers took ( the Blazers 127-110 light, Thomas returned after a lapse of seven months in the game, finished the Cavaliers first show and scored 17 points and three assists. For the performance of small Thomas, Cavaliers teammates appreciated, James said: "My favorite little Thomas is that he always ready for the outbreak, always working hard, are payingmore