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Recently, ABI, a market research company, said that by 2025, 8 million cars will be built for the consumer market. These cars will have the L3 or L4 automatic driving capability divided by SAE.</p> <p>The L3 and L4's autopilots are capable of driving on their own in most cases, but for safety, humans are not yet completely out of the driving role. The L5 self-driving car can drive itsemore

University of Basel professor Dominik Zumbühl and his colleagues succeeded in cooling the temperature of nanoelectronic chips to 2.8 milliliters, which is approximately 273.15 degrees Celsius. The researchers said: &quot;Magnetic cooling is based on the principle that when the applied magnetic field is gradually reduced, the system will gradually cool, while avoiding any external heat flow.<more

Thanks to the high prices in the memory market, the major memory factories in Taiwan, including South Asia Branch, Wanghong, and Winbond, have experienced a reduction in working hours in February and have affected part of their revenues. In March, normal working hours resumed. It also boosted the revenue further. Among them, DRAM Dachang Nanya Branch hit a record high in 11 months in March, NOR Flmore

According to Bloomberg News on April 3, Beijing time, in Japan, companies often employ a lifetime employment system, but the compensation provided to employees is not high. But now, Japan has also joined the scramble for global science and technology engineers, competed for top talents with China and the United States, and set a high salary for it.</p> <p>The Japanese company StartTodamore

With the growing demand for intelligent technology upgrades in consumer electronics, automotive, home and industrial applications markets, smart sensors have become one of the hottest segment markets in the global semiconductor industry today. For example, in the field of smart phones, the combination of 3D face recognition and mobile phones has become the hottest application at the moment. The 3Dmore

U.S. financial website, MediaTek will be one of the targets of Broadcom’s possible acquisition. The media in Taiwan further pointed out that the top executives of both parties have met recently. MediaTek stated that it had not contacted or negotiated with Broadcom on the merger. <a href="">igcm15f60ga</a></p> <p>U.Smore