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U.S. financial website, MediaTek will be one of the targets of Broadcom’s possible acquisition. The media in Taiwan further pointed out that the top executives of both parties have met recently. MediaTek stated that it had not contacted or negotiated with Broadcom on the merger. <a href="">igcm15f60ga</a></p> <p>U.Smore

Reportbuyer, an international market research organization, released a solar cable research report a few days ago that by 2025, the global solar cable market revenue will achieve a breakthrough, which is expected to reach US$1.64119 billion. It is expected that the compound annual growth rate will reach 14.1% during the 2017-2025 period. <a href="

In the afternoon, ARM announced the launch of the Mali Multimedia Suite, a multimedia IP suite of Mali-G52, Mali-G32 GPUs, and Mali-D51 DSPs and Mali-V52 VSPs to enhance the computing performance of mainstream mobile devices and digital TVs, Bring machine learning applications to more end devices. <a href="">eeefk1h221p</a>&more

According to the 2017 Embedded Market Research Survey released by AspenCore, a global electronics industry media group, the debugging process remains an area of ​​significant interest for most embedded design engineers. To meet this need and enhance the development experience, Microchip Technology Inc., the world's leading provider of patented single-chip, mixed-signal, analog and flash solutions,more

Last year, AMD launched the EPYC chipset, offering new options for data centers that require high-performance silicon or for those with high-performance computing needs. In AMD and Dell EMC announced the fourteenth generation of PowerEdge servers using AMD chips, AMD in the server market in the next city. AMD also announced the new server offering in partnership with Dell EMC that uses EPYC chips more

Imagination Technologies announced the release of its first PowerVR CLDNN Development Kit (SDK) for developing neural network applications on PowerVR GPUs. This neural network SDK enables developers to easily build Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) with PowerVR hardware. The kit includes APIs and SDKs, as well as image files that can be burned onto the Acer Chromebook R-13 for hardware developmmore